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E-Game means Electronic Games or Slot, this are electronic games where by a player or players use controls such as game pads or joysticks or those who use computers the keyboard and mouse can also be used to control a character or characters in the game, this games use electronics such as computers or special electronics such as play station which are fully designed to play this type of games they are all fully simulations.

Players see the characters on the screen which help them interact with the game or google glasses, this are glasses like any other but their lens have a screen. The most common E-Game is Fifa Family which started around 1998 up do date developed by EA sports, it is the most played game on the planet and it is produced annually with an improved version in terms of graphics, sound, character modelling etc. to mention a few GTA, Need For Speed, Flight simulator etc.

E-Games are either in two dimension or in three dimension. Two dimension is whereby the character or characters look as if they are an image on a paper, you cannot see all the sides of the character its either you are seeing the front, back or the side of the character you cannot view two sides at the same time. Three dimension is where by the character or characters look real you can view at least two sides or faces of the character, this characters can easily rotate in all directions. Three dimension games are more interesting compared to two dimension games since they appear realistic while two dimension do not appear realistic.

Electronic Games or Slot

These games are mostly programs which are developed by special software for example Sploder, construct 2 among others. This software is mainly designed to develop electronic games or related programs. Electronic Game developer or developers first model the character or characters to which they desire and then program the character to act or do something when a certain key or keys on the game controller are pressed by the player. If the game is complex it is next to impossible for one person to develop it hence many people come together and help each other, some design the characters, graphics and many others whereby they finish faster and also produce something exciting and good. They may also add sounds to which the character should make if something happens example if the character falls it should shout etc.

This games are played either on one electronic machine or more by use of LAN (Local area network) where two or more electronics are joined using a network and work as one. LAN is mostly used when the players do not live in the same apartment and they need to play or one electronic cannot support a certain number of players and more players need to play.

E-Games can be used for entertainment where by someone plays favorite games or for business whereby individual charges players for using their electronics to play this games, This games can bring a good amount of income since they charge high for a very little amount of time played by individuals.

In conclusion E-Games have really been embraced in today’s world since they are more fun compared to other games. They are also very addictive since most of them are mission like hence the player has an urge to complete the mission so as to find out what happens after completing it, some missions are also very difficult hence lots of time is used while playing. This games can also be used to pass time when one is bored.

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