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EUROPEAN NATION’S CUP is also popularly called as the euro. It is primarily a football competition by the men’s national team. Amongst a world cup tournament it is second prestigious sports game across the world among international football tournament. The first European championship was held in the year 1960 after the preliminary contest held for two years wherein 17 national clubs of football had participated. In 1960 the final tournament of the euro had four teams and it had expanded to eight teams by 1980 also further it expanded up to 16 teams in the year 1996. At present, for final European championship its qualification begins two years before the final tournament.


When all the members of UEFA compete with each other except the host nation to earn a berth in the tournament and 16 teams are selected for finals. In the year 1960 when the first final euro cup was held, the winner of the championship was the USSR and in the recent last tournament held in the year 2012 the champion was Spain. This tournament is held every four years since its beginning from 1960. The winner of the championship is provided with an opportunity to compete in the FIFA confederation cup. During 2012, the euro final tournament was watched by 300 million global audiences.

The idea for this European football tournament was initiated by the secretary general of French football federation Henri Delaunay in the year 1927. The trophy to be awarded to the winner of the championship is named after Henri Delaunay as he came with the idea of euro championship tournament. The authority of designing the trophy was assigned to his son Pierre. The winning team is awarded with a trophy that is to be kept by them for a period of four years till the next tournament. In 2008 the trophy was remoulded to make it larger. The new trophy was made of sterling silver. It weights 8 kilograms and is 60cms tall as well as seven inches long. Also is it one pound heavier than the old one. The name of the winning team is appeared on the plinth and this has now been engraved on the trophy on its back.

The coaches and player of the runner up team and winning team are awarded with silver and gold medals. Plaque is received by the winning team. First time in 2012 it was decided to award bronze medals to the losers of semi finals. From 2016 it is decided to increase its team from 16 teams to 24 teams. For qualifying, it is necessary for the team to finish in at least one of the qualifying sport game or win that. Only after this the team is eligible for the final round in the host country. Also host is eligible for tournament automatic. In 2016 the host will be France and the recent last championship was Co-hosted by the Ukraine and the Poland.

In final tournament the 6 teams are divided into four groups and from 2016 there will be 24 teams that would be divided into eight groups. There is no third place off in this tournament as like in FIFA cup. It is England who has never won the competition, although they won the FIFA world cup in the year 1966 by defeating the West Germany.

All that can be said for Euro championship is that it is the most popular tournament after FIFA that are watched by millions of its audience and fans. Also it provides opportunity to nations to come up with their sporting spirit and participate in the tournament by fulfilling the prior conditions.

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