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After ICC World Twenty20, There will be no emotional, glorious ending for India as compare to the last 5 years upon landing to more than 50 World Cup for home soil. After ICC World Twenty20, The quest of India in claiming World Twenty20 found in front of expectant and fanatic support that fell flat. The final of World Twenty20 in Kolkata will happen even without the host of party after West Indies was able to end the dream of Indian in setting up for meeting with England upon following the thrilling semi-final win.

Missing the out final on its final game can be so painful, though the exit left many cause for different emotional regrets. On 3 occasions, India believed that they claimed the Lendl Simmons’ cricket in order to have catches voided thru the 2 deliveries, which is called as no-balls, then a catch also in deep that only occurs after the stepping up of Ravindra Jadeja on a boundary marking. Lendl went to make 82 out of 51 balls as West Indies take the victory of having 2 balls to spare.

After ICC World Twenty20

Capt. Mahendra Signh Dhoni was able to express his frustration regarding the 2 no-balls in a particular upon following for this match. Thus, unsurprisingly, he was also faced to the question regarding the future. This is very far from the answer of the first time 34 years old man who need to answer the query of stepping down from the Test cricket by the end of last year. This time, he became though, playful but emphatic as well as responsive.

Dhoni was in an intense scrutiny last 2015 by the time the India had semi-final exit at 50 over World Cup was being followed thru the first series of losing the game to Bangladesh together with the 1-day as well as T20 series on the home soil in the Southern part of Africa. Thus, he was able to show that he still has more contributions in the team members. He guided India to achieve its 10 winnings among the 11 watches that head into the World T20 that includes whitewashing of Australian Down Under. While the India did not reach the heights in this competition, this can be very hard in finding fault with Dhoni; it can either be a captain or a batman.

He came in while providing helpful knocks to one another among the five matches of India, most especially against the West Indies and Australia. His partnership with Virat Kohli, star man and specifically the rapid running between wickets was able to give the needed boost for winning the battle. This can be very difficult to accept to have an idea that anyone from India has the capacity of performing better roles.

Being a captain also, he came up with trumps. He stare down a barrel of defeat against the Bangladesh together with the exit from tournament while showing remarkable poise under an incredible pressure in directing his troops as well as leading an inexperienced Hardik Pandya thru a final over and the remarkable victory.

In the 2nd half of the year, even though India will able to bring back the 5 days mode it will surely mean that Kohli will return to the role of captain. While giving the way for 27 years old performed in the World T20 reinforcing the status as the talisman of the team, there will be no reason for any excitement upon aiming to match in the consistent brilliance that they have found in over limited cricket in a Test arena. Knowing will give you idea as to how they will strive harder after the ICC World T20

Kohli, who was able to lose 1 out of the 9 matches will take over the reign from Dhoni, will find by people at helm of 4 test matches found in West Indies for this summer. Given the fact of team struggles made by Caribbean, India will surely hope to avenge their semi-final loss in World T20. They will plan and create more tactics that will improve their performance to take the lead again in this competition. It still give them hope and strong will power to pursue and not give up but deliver a great game.

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