Soccer game


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Soccer game is played both professionally or just for fun. After the association that was formed in England, soccer attained rules which are used up to date. This is the most common played game all over the world. The reason behind this is because it is simple to play and does not demand much while playing. It is common in schools.

This game is played by eleven players on each side. They have a common aim of getting the ball into the net of the opponents. The game is played for ninety minutes with two halves of forty five minutes each. In between the two halves the players are given fifteen minutes to rest. After the second half, they interchange the sides and the goals. After the match is over the goals recorded are read as the final results. The results are either a draw or one team wins. Where a draw is recorded, they are given an additional thirty minutes to determine the winner.

Soccer game

There might also be a case where they end up in a draw even after the additional time. Penalties are awarded in such a case to give the final winner. We may have injuries during the game where a substitute player gets into the game. This allows the player to nurse injuries. Each team is allowed a maximum of three substitutes. The coach can also decide to change a player. Coaches are vital because they have skills since some of them were retired players that played very well.

All over the world we have many people that engage themselves in this game. To many it is a way of earning a living. This is because players are highly paid. Soccer demands that the players have certain skills and are able to use them to improve their roles. Players have different roles pertaining to their career. We have scorers that are mostly the ones that gets goals for the team. For them to score greatly, they need to have skills. They should exercise on pass accuracy, shooting accuracy, ability to pass the defenders and sharpness in ball control.

The midfielders also have their role. They ensure that there is good ball control from the defenders and to the strikers. They should play as both attackers and defenders. They control the speed of the game either fast or slow. The defenders have an important role too. Just like their name, their main objective is to prevent passage of the forwards preventing them from scoring. They should learn tackling skills, good passing and be fast since most scorers are fast. The goal keepers safeguards the goal post to prevent ball into the net.

The keeper is allowed to touch the ball with his or her all body parts to prevent a score. This is the only player allowed to touch the ball using the hands and no penalty given for that. For other players, touching the ball using the hands guarantees a penalty. The opponent are given to play and if near the post then they are awarded a penalty.

Soccer is played in very many countries. We have a country’s national team and clubs playing in the countries. Soccer has now spread to almost all continents. We have professional soccer in Europe, Africa and Asia among others. Clubs are financed by different sponsors in their clothing and practicing. They get their money back when the club wins a certain trophy. They also acquire money from people who pay money to watch a match in their stadium. Soccer has attracted very many fans both male and female.

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