Study and learn basic strategy of live dealer dragon tiger

Study and learn basic strategy of live dealer dragon tiger

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Majority of players who enter the online Malaysia casino will be thrilled with the offering of both the card games and table. In order to make the things even more realistic and at the same time exciting, the leading providers of software now offer leave dealer games and one of the most popular games is the Dragon Tiger. It is always advisable on the part of the players to Study and Learn Basic Strategy of Live Dealer Dragon Tiger to have a deeper and wider understanding about this game.

Dragon Tiger is very popular Asian gambling best casino is mainly played with multiple card decks. Through this game, the players do not play against the dealers. Just like the baccarat, the players have the freedom to choose which hand, the Tiger or Dragon, will receive highest card ranking. On the other hand, as opposed to baccarat, only single card is dealt to every spot. In addition to that, there are no additional cards drawn during the game.

Dragon Tiger is based on the external locus of control in Malaysia casino. This is perhaps the reason why it is difficult for Western gamblers to grasp this game. It can thought as the symbolic battle right between the forces of Yin and Yang. Tiger represents Yin, while the Dragon represents Yang. Nevertheless, it is really about the dealer turning right over the two cards and the highest one will be the winner.

Study and learn basic strategy of live dealer dragon tiger

Study and learn basic strategy of live dealer dragon tiger
Study and learn basic strategy of live dealer dragon tiger

The players who just want to play this kind of game using the card counting or strategies, the best option to consider is to stick to the Tiger and Dragon bets. House edge for these bets is about 3.73% and this is the lowest of all possible bets. Players just bet if they think that the Tiger hand or Dragon hand will have higher-ranking card. These bets are considered to pay even money.

Use the suit-based strategy

Players can say that Dragon Tiger is a kind of game where the luck is among the greatest factors, yet that does not mean that there is no way of playing this game strategically. One of the best ways to keep track is to watch which among the suits have been dealt the most. This implies that the excellent bet for this kind of strategy is the suit bet. For instance, players can calculate how many suit cards are in play. They should also know how many decks have been utilized. If the estimates show that right after some time the club suits have been played the least after, the best option for the players will be to bet right on the clubs.

Live Dragon Tiger is best for the counting cards

The simplicity of this game as well as the fact that the very little cards are dealt with every deal makes it easier to count the cards. Aside from that, it is also easy to track how many big cards have been dealt. Above all, players can definitely track how many seven’s have been dealt, since no matter what bet the players make, if seven is drawn, they lose their bet.

The betting system do not work on the Dragon Tiger

Some of the players will suggest utilizing the betting systems on Dragon System mainly because it is the very simple of the game; however, only little they know that no one has ever reported that the betting system has brought huge amount of money when playing the casino games. So, do not ever fool yourself and just play the game even without them.

The tie best is the worst option

Tie bet is always there to make the players big bucks, as it pays eight to one. This may seem attractive, but the best thing players can do is to avoid house edge on this bet about 32.77%. Calculations on the other hand are very simple.

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