Top 3 Teams Poised for Championship 2016

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Top 3 Teams Poised for Championship 2016, It is every player’s hope, both the novice and the professionals, to take home the bacon and be hailed as the champion. NBA is one of the sports events in the world that literally makes a lot of people get excited with their eye fully wide open, most especially if it is already the final or a do-or-die game. Basketball, as we all know is a game that almost all of us love. What most people out there do not actually know is that in order for a player to be great in this particular sports, it will take him years or even lifetime of discipline and training and be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for it.

Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant are just some of the professional basketball players in the world of NBA which has taken the world by storm for their greatness and superhuman skills in playing basketball, one of the reasons why they are commonly considered as the sports heroes of this generation. We can also say that they are indeed a true model of a professional basketball player who effectively maximizes their fullest potentials in order to push all the boundaries of their unique circumstances with purpose, passion, sensitivity, and integrity to set a good example for other people along the way.

Top 3 Teams Poised for Championship 2016

In the world of professional basketball or NBA, there will be no more effective strategy, aside from professionalism and skills, than to have unity in a team because with unity, the chances of your team to win are big. When we talk for the top 3 teams poised for championship, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs will certainly be included in the top most part of the list. There is no any wonder with that because the said teams have only the best players in the whole world of NBA that have long years of training, extensive knowledge and exceptional skills when it comes to playing basketball in the professional level.


Having Stephen Curry in their team, bagging in the championship will never be that far away. Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP and the top 5 player in the league. Combining a never-before seen skill set with every game that he plays with great performance, we can say that he is indeed a sports hero that can lead the Golden State Warriors to the championship and win. There is no other word that we can say to describe the performance of this particular team but perfection. They are 36-2 in their first thirty eight games and drop 114.4 points each game. The best thing about the Golden State Warriors is that it has not been beaten yet in their 18 games at the Oracle Arena. With Stephen Curry on the house and other great members in Golden State Warriors, it will surely be quite impossible to bet against this NBA team.


With Lebron James added to their team who is called the best basketball player on the whole planet, Cleveland Cavaliers is likely to be declared as the NBA champion this year. This particular team is one of the clear-cut favorites to successfully make a second straight trip right to the most awaited moment of the year, no other than the NBA finals. After a rocky start, Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to have everything figured out headed right down the stretch in the past year until some of its players got injured, first, Kevin Love’s shoulder which was then followed by Kyrie Irving’s knee. Though that is the situation, there is no any single doubt that Cleveland Cavaliers can make it to the top, most especially now that they have Lebron James in their team. We can already expect for the team’s suffocating defenses again, most especially after Lebron James comes back after his Final loss in the past game. It has been long assumed that the teams that would possibly meet in the Western Conference Finals are the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. A lot of people also believe that only one of the said two teams will capture the most longed NBA title but the brave surging team of LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is proving that his team deserves more recognition with the fact that they have successfully dispatched their previous playoff opponents with so much ease.



Is there anybody out there who does not know Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker or Danny Green? Both the fans of this team and the fans of its rivals know exactly who they are and to what team they belong to. San Antonio Spurs is a great basketball team which a lot of people expect to see in the finals, or even the one to grab the NBA championship. If San Antonio Spurs have excited in the first round of playoff the previous year, this does not mean that they will let the championship to lose off their hands again. With the best players in the team, San Antonio Spurs can possibly have a fast and sweet success/ championship in this year’s NBA Championship. This particular team has all the necessary parts to successfully win the championship this season, unless their bodies remind them again how old they were now today. With the fact that their team is a powerhouse of only the best professional basketball players in the world, betting against this team will surely be a risky decision to make.

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