WBC: Former Heavyweight Champ Stiverne Wants In Again

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WBC: Former Heavyweight Champ Stiverne Wants In Again, Many amateur boxers became professional and successful famous boxers because of their timeless efforts and hard work that made them on where they are now. Boxing is one of the most interesting sports that are now becoming famous in the different parts of the world. Known personalities in this endeavor are many. They have shown such a great power to show to the world what they have and prove that they are really a fighter with a dream. One of them is the former heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne.

He is one of the greatest boxers popular all around the globe. Just like many of the famous boxers, he also started as an amateur one in the field of boxing. He had been to several fights under different titles. One of which is when he fought for the super heavyweight title held during the National Olympics last 2005. However, before that, he already gained bronze medals from his other fights. He also made successful records as he also join international fights wherein in he defeated the known David Price via knockout and Robert Helenius by points. On his boxing career as an amateur, he won 49 of it and lost only 10 times.

WBC: Former Heavyweight Champ Stiverne Wants In Again

Having a very good potential in boxing he trained under Don King and became a professional boxer. Developing his skills even more made him defeat his first twelve opponents leaving his trademark as a well-trained and persistent boxer because of his performance. On his way to success, encountering struggles regarding his chosen sports is normal. He also experienced defeat to some of his fights that made him more eager to win. He fought against known boxers including Kertson Manswell and Ray Austin. He gained many titles including the vacant in WBA Fedelatin heavyweight, WBC USNBC, WBC Silver heavyweight and WBC international. His career boosts even more when he fought and defeated against Chis Arreola. The fight lasts for only six rounds and he knocked out him making Stiverne the first Italian achieving a world heavyweight title.

That victory made him very popular to the media. Many personalities in terms of politics and popular celebrities admired him. They were amazed on how Stiverne fight for that success. Notable persons in the society who are also successful persons in their own field congratulated him. To name a few, they include Andre Berto, a world champion boxer twice, the wide receiver of the famous Washington Redskins, and Michel Martelly (Haiti’s President). He then became very famous in the world of boxing and many wanted to fight against him.

On the other hand, on his last fight against Deontay Wilder, he unfortunately lost his WBC title. He lost through a unanimous decision. After his fight against him, he suffered to an injury that is why he undergoes treatment and hospitalized to recover his injury. Finding out that he developed the so-called, Rhabdomyolysis resulted from his dehydration and straining his muscle fibers. He was only hospitalized for two night s after the fight since it was not that a severe situation.

Moreover, during his fight with Wilder, his coach Don King already noticed that something is not okay with Stiverne. That is why he cannot let his power to give the strongest punch that he knew would defeat his opponent. Even though he tried to fight for his best yet his muscles are badly not working and cannot perform properly, his efforts became inadequate. That situation affected his performance in the ring that contributes to his loss. The record from the judges’ scorecard had shown how Stiverne could not throw out punches equally because of the unexpected condition that he suffered during the fight.

On the other hand, their side accepted the decision openly. They believed that Stiverne’s condition is not an excuse why he lost the fight because Deontay Wilder just did a nice performance as a professional boxer. After attending medications and treatment, he already recovered his strength again. Making him ready to fight and wanting to be inside the ring again. He is now planning to have a fight against his last opponent that he sees as another opportunity to prove his capabilities. To prove to his fans that after his loss, he will be again be back just like what he did on his successful matches. He will then make sure that his return match against Wilder will totally admire him even more as a famous boxer.

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