WBT 2016 Thailand: Who’ll Strike the Cut

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WBT 2016 Thailand: Who’ll Strike the Cut, The WBT or the World Bowling Tour is a tour that aims to reunite professional bowlers, both men and women from different selected organizations, both professional and amateur ones. This has served as one of the qualifications for a bowler to be allowed to participate in the tour. Some of the WBTA organizations include the Ladies bowling Organization, Japan Professional Bowling Association, Thai Tenpin Bowlers Association, Korea Professional Bowling Association and the Professional Bowlers Association.

Apart from being one of its members, the bowler is also required to have a good standing with their parent organization. Upon qualifying for it, the bowlers are then asked to participate in a series of events. The winner of the said event is also given the chance to earn a PBA tour title credit as long as they are registered as a professional for the tournament beforehand. The WBT 2016 would be held in Thailand running from August 6 to August 12, 2016, which gives the public something to look forward to.

WBT 2016 Thailand: Who’ll Strike the Cut

A new scoring system called current frame scoring has been introduced in order to help the viewers to understand the sport while aiming for an increase in its viewership rating. The said scoring system has maintained the traditional 10-frame format. What makes it different is that the strike is being awarded with 30 pins while the spare + the first shot’s pinfall in the frame is awarded 10 pins. 300 is still the maximum score in the new system and this is still based on the 10 succeeding strikes done by the player with no bonus pins awarded in the 10th frame. However, the new scoring system has not made it to the Olympic programme that would be held in Tokyo in the year 2020.

The WBT 2016 includes nine tournaments. This includes one in Germany, United States and Thailand while there would be 6 tournaments to be held in the Middle East. Each player is given the chance to earn the so called ranking points, which would depend on how well they do on each event. Based on the scores of the players from the 2016 events, the top 3 women and men in the point list would then compete in the WBT Finals in which the venue and the date is still to be announced.

WBT Standing

For the WBT Tour #1 that was held in Doha, Qatar last Feb 25-March 2, 2016, the champion was Daniella McEwan from the United States. On the other hand, the men’s ranking winner is Yousif Falah from Bahrain. In the WBT #2 that was held in Manama, Bahrain, Ahmed Al-Awadhi from Bahrain was the champion while Daniella McEwan was the women’s ranking winner. Jesper Svensson from Sweden acquired the championship for the WBT #3 that was held in Sweden while Daniella McEwan has retained her spot as the women’s ranking winner. Thus, as the WBT #4 is just a few months from now, more and more people have been more interested in the said event. They wanted to know whether McEwan would be able to retain her spot in the standing or not. Of course, the supporters of the other bowler are also full of anticipation to know how good they would be in the match’s

Female Bowlers of Singapore have also been keeping their supporters hope up as 4 women have made it to the top 10 of the latest WBT ranking. There is no doubt that Singaporean bowlers have been showing great potential in bowling for the past years but these women have yet taken their country to a higher level when it comes to bowling. They have proven that they are competitive enough and that they are worthy to be playing against other bowlers from the different parts of the world. Cherie Tan has earned the no. 4 spot in the standing after 3 Americans namely: Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick and Danielle McEwan. Her fellow Singaporean, Shayna Ng- on the other hand has earned the no. 6 spot. She was also the champion of All Events in the Women’s World Bowling Championships that were held last year. Jazreel Tan made it to the no. 8 spot while the Joey Yeo occupies the no. 10 spot.

Just as what Shayna said, the ranking only goes to show how well do as a team, considering that there are four of them and not one. This is the reason why they have been seen as a threat to other strong teams like them including Koreans and American. She also said that the rakings also show consistency. Jessie Phua, the Singapore Bowling President has also released a statement saying that although it is great to know that their country’s bowlers have acquired a spot on the ranking list, they are not obsessed with it. She said that in fact, their main goal in participating in such events is for their team to be better and stronger through time. Also, they have never failed to provide them the support that they needed. Perhaps, this has been one of the reasons on why they have been successful in the game apart from the fact that all bowlers have spent a lot of time and effort in practicing to be the best bowler in the world. Thus, there is no doubt that all of us cannot wait anymore to know who the final victor is for the WBT Major.

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